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Token Supply and Distribution: The Galacticverse Universe will have a total of 150 million Tokens. These tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • Galactic Council: 16% (24 million tokens) The Galactic Council will be allocated 16% of the token supply, amounting to 24 million tokens. These tokens will be held by the Council to support governance, decision-making processes, and the overall management of the Galacticverse ecosystem.
  • Staking for Public Sale: 25% (37.5 million tokens) A significant portion of the token supply, equivalent to 25%, will be allocated for public sale through a staking mechanism. This allows users to stake their tokens and participate in the growth and development of the Galacticverse ecosystem. The total number of tokens available for staking in the Public Sale will be 37.5 million.
  • Ecosystem Fund: 12% (18 million tokens) The Ecosystem Fund will receive 12% of the tokens, which amounts to 18 million tokens. These tokens will be used to fuel the development, expansion, and sustainability of the Galacticverse ecosystem. The Ecosystem Fund will support initiatives, partnerships, and projects that enhance the overall ecosystem experience.
  • Play-to-Earn: 25% (37.5 million tokens) A significant portion of the token supply, equivalent to 25%, will be dedicated to the Play-to-Earn mechanism. Users will have the opportunity to earn tokens by actively participating in various in-game activities, achievements, and challenges within the Galacticverse universe. This engagement will allow players to generate income and derive value from their gameplay.
  • Airdrop: 5% (7.5 million tokens) Within the Play-to-Earn segment, 5% of the tokens, which is 7.5 million tokens, will be set aside for a airdrop. This airdrop is designed to reward and incentivize users who actively support the Galacticverse ecosystem. Tokens will be distributed to all wallets that participate in the Holders.
  • Private Sale: 5% (7.5 million tokens) Additionally, 5% of the tokens, equivalent to 7.5 million tokens, will be reserved for a private sale. This private sale provides an opportunity for early contributors, strategic partners, and investors to acquire tokens and be part of the Galacticverse ecosystem.
  1. 5.
    Discord: 2% (3 million tokens) To foster a strong connection between the virtual and real-world economies, 2% of the tokens, which is 3 million tokens, will be allocated to the Discord platform. Discord users will be able to convert the coins they earn within the Discord server into real tokens. This integration ensures the active participation and inclusion of the Discord community in the broader Galacticverse economy.

Ecosystem Structure and the Role of Play Money: The Galacticverse ecosystem operates on two primary currencies: the $GLTCC Token and the regular Galactiverse in-game money. Players who wish to make purchases using the in-game currency must acquire GLCTC tokens. By purchasing GLCTC tokens, players become part of the larger Galacticverse economy and gain access to additional opportunities and benefits.

The play money within the ecosystem holds significant importance as it allows players to acquire game items within the universe. These game items serve as the foundation of the secondary economy, enabling players to generate in-game earnings more efficiently. Moreover, if players own NFTs, they can convert their earned in-game money into real tokens, unlocking additional value. The universe also features mysterious vaults that can only be opened using GLCTC tokens, granting access to rare and valuable items. This creates a circular flow within the ecosystem, as players engage in gameplay, earn in-game money, convert it into real tokens, and reinvest in acquiring more game items.

Features of Game Items: Game items in the Galacticverse ecosystem do not confer significant power advantages over other players. However, they play a crucial role in enabling players to confidently develop and expand their self-created economies. These game items serve as catalysts for economic growth, allowing players to leverage their assets and investments to drive their in-game and real-world economies forward.

Coin Utilization and Ecosystem Strengthening: Coins hold a central role within the Galacticverse ecosystem, as they are required for various transactions and interactions within the universe. By purchasing and utilizing coins strategically, players contribute to the overall strength and resilience of the ecosystem. For example, players must pay with coins when converting in-game coins into real money for owned games. These token transactions aim to fortify the ecosystem from all angles, ensuring its long-term stability and growth.

Staking Phases: The staking process in the Galacticverse ecosystem will occur in three distinct phases. In total, 37.5 million tokens will be available for staking, distributed across these stages:
  1. 1.
    First Staking Phase: In this initial stage, 17.5 million tokens will be open to all users for staking. Participants can stake their tokens to earn rewards and actively contribute to the ecosystem.
  2. 2.
    Second Staking Phase: The second phase involves the availability of 10 million tokens for staking. Users will have the opportunity to stake their tokens and benefit from the associated rewards.
  3. 3.
    Third Staking Phase: The final staking phase will make 10 million tokens available for staking. Once this phase concludes, no further staking will be possible.

Token Burning: Token burning is a crucial mechanism employed to combat inflation and maintain a controlled token supply within the Galacticverse ecosystem. A total of 15 million tokens will be designated for burning, distributed across the staking phases as follows:

  1. 1.
    First Staking Phase: To mitigate inflationary pressures, 6 million tokens will be burned.
  2. 2.
    Second Staking Phase: After the completion of the second staking phase, 5 million tokens will undergo burning.
  3. 3.
    Third Staking Phase: The third staking phase will witness the burning of 4 million tokens, further ensuring a controlled token supply.
Ecosystem Fund Utilization: The Ecosystem Fund, comprising 18 million tokens, plays a pivotal role in driving the growth and sustainability of the Galacticverse ecosystem. To prevent potential inflationary risks, 15 million tokens from the fund will be allocated for burning. Additionally, a reserve of 3 million tokens will be held to address any unforeseen inflationary circumstances that may arise, ensuring the long-term stability and equilibrium of the ecosystem.

Airdrop: Airdrop serves as a means to reward and appreciate the support of individuals who actively contribute to the Galacticverse ecosystem. 7.5 millions tokens will be airdropped to all holders.

Galactic Council Reserves: The Galactic Council will hold 24 million tokens in its current reserves. These tokens will provide the Council with the necessary resources to fulfill its role in governing the Galacticverse ecosystem, supporting its growth and maintaining its integrity.

Public Sale and Play-to-Earn Integration: The Play-to-Earn mechanism will be closely intertwined with the Public Sale, establishing a seamless connection between the two. Participants in the Public Sale will have the opportunity to engage in Play-to-Earn activities, allowing for a holistic and interconnected experience within the Galacticverse universe. This integration aims to create synergies between token acquisition, gameplay, and earning potential, fostering a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.

By implementing this comprehensive tokenomic system, the Galacticverse ecosystem seeks to create an engaging and sustainable virtual universe, where players can actively participate, contribute, and benefit from their involvement. The allocation of tokens, staking phases, burning mechanisms, and ecosystem fund utilization are all designed to foster stability, growth, and value creation within the Galacticverse ecosystem.